Instagram Advertising: How to Create the Successful Ad campaign

If you’re a new beginner on the Instagram platform and don’t know about Instagram marketing? 

Use ads to promote your brand on Instagram because Instagram has 1 billion active users per month. 

This guide explains about Instagram advertising strategy for your business. 

How to create Instagram Ads? 

Before creating Instagram ads, you need a business account on Instagram. Don’t use your personal account because it doesn’t look professional. You haven’t a business account on Instagram, create it now. 

Give your business details on Instagram bio, logo, and details. After viewing the details, the customer will reach you. 

Now, we will start how to create Instagram ads:

1. Select Your Ad Goal:

The first step of creating the campaign is to select the goal behind the ad. Because there are unique choices to break into categories – Awareness, Conversion, and Consideration. The ad types available from:

  • Brand awareness: Perfect for reaching an audience who will be engaged with your video ads and brand awareness around your brand.
  • Traffic: The marketers’ ultimate goal is to visit your website, direct landing page, and traffic goal. 
  • Engagement: If you want more likes, shares, and comments for your ad, its basic is to set the objective. And you want to increase your engagement rate to your account, visit here:
  • Conversions: You want to get more sales from your ads, add actions like adding payment, making purchases, etc. 

2. Give a Name for Your Instagram Ad:

After choosing your ad objective, the screen moves to the next step. On this screen, you will enter the campaign name (for your reference). It is the extreme way to track your ads performance in the Instagram ads manager. So, We will highly recommend the name of your campaign.

After naming the campaign, you can see the two options below. 

  • Split Test
  • Budget Optimization

Split Test: You make a test for different ad variations and ad sets against each other, allocate the budget based on the ad performance.

Budget Optimization: It will automatically distribute your ad budget to all the ads set. If you don’t want to, you can choose a manual process based on the testing results. 

3. Select Ad Placements:

On this page, you can see the two options:

  • Automatic placements
  • Edit placements

We recommend that you choose Instagram only placements; it’s the better option. In this section, unique ad features are available for individual placements. 

Hence, you have to uncheck the rest of the options Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network. Make sure that your ad will play on Instagram. 

4. Target Your Audience:

Targeting your audience is the best part of Instagram advertising. It is the perfect opportunity to save your money and get your brand to target viewers’ exact demographics, behavior, and interest. 

Select the audience based on the ads manager:

  • Location: You want to advertise based on the location, portal codes, global regions; you can choose it or else skip the section. 
  • Age: Depends upon your product, you will select the age ( the common age from 13 to 65+)
  • Gender: Select the section for all genders, men & women. Please choose it
  • Language: If you’re targeting viewers by speaking a specific language, that is uncommon in this area
  • Connections: Select the viewers who are already connected with your app or webpage. 

5. Give your Ad Budget:

On this page, how much money you have to spend on your Instagram ads. 

First, you need to select the daily budget (per day) or lifetime budget. A daily budget allows your ad to play while spending the amount per day. Lifetime budgets will enable us to run the ad for a certain amount of time. 

If you select the lifetime budget, you will choose a certain schedule to run your Instagram ad. You can manually select the days and how many times your ads will be shown to your target audience.