How To Boost Your TikTok Videos With Filters

The competition on TikTok is continuously increasing with the increasing number of TikTok users everyday. People create both personal and business accounts on the social video platform. After creating an account, they create and upload lots of videos out of which some of them gain abundant engagement and some just go unnoticed. As with any social media platform, there are filters available with TikTok also which you can apply to boost engagement and visibility. Let’s now see what TikTok filters are.

What are TikTok Filters?

TikTok filters are visual elements that you can add to your videos and they can be as simple as color overlays or complex dynamic AR effects. Traditional presets and interactive effects are the two main types of filters in TikTok. Traditional presets can be applied to change the color tone of your videos like retro vibe, pink tint etc. You can just juggle on these filters to get the look of your video that you wish.  Landscape, Portrait, Vibe and Food are the four categories of TikTok Preset filters.  Interactive effects can be used to add more fun to your videos and these effects reflect a drastic change to your videos like replacing your face with an  animal’s face, transforming human shapes into holograms etc.While Filters are one way to boost engagement for your videos, another smart way is to buy TikTok likes instant for your videos to get immediately noticed by a large crowd of audeince.

# Best Must-Try TikTok Filters 

Here are some of  the best TikTok filters that both newcomers and experts on TikTok can use. 

Brew Filter Preset

This filter also known as G6 can be applied to your videos to get a vintage feel adding more detail and warmth to the video content. Nevertheless, Brew filter has become inevitable for creators who have a TikTok account.

Bling Filter Effect

Adding a dazzle or shimmering effect to your videos is easy when you apply the Bling Filter effect. You can still highlight your product in a subtle tone and create an impact on your audience.

Green Screen Filter

Green Screen filter is the one that most creators apply for their TikTok videos to add a custom background after detecting the outline of the video.  To add a background image for your video, you can choose the image either from your camera roll or from the gallery or TikTok options. 

Fantasy Filter

The Fantasy Filter adds a pink tint to your videos and is the choice of most Gen-Z users who own a TikTok account.  This filter gives excellent results when it is mixed with color Customizer filters to get  a summer hue effect.

Inverted Filter Effect

If you wish to see how you look like other people, you can make use of the Inverted filter effect.  To apply this filter, point the camera to yourself,  turn the filter on and look at the effects that the filter does.

Time Warp Scan Filter

Blue line filter is the other name of Time Warp Scan filter and th way it works is really amazing. On applying the time warp filter, the image freezes and a blue line moves across or downwards the screen. But the image will stay in a place creating double images appearance or distortions that are even more attractive.  Of course, you can check out what filters other people’s content by just  clicking on the effect icon which you could see above the username in their video.

Final Words

If you are completely doubtful about which filter to use, you can check the Discover page to know which filter is trending. Just start with filters as using them is a new opportunity to create super-engaging content.