Different Types of Tricks to Advertise on TikTok

The social media platform is certainly a goldmine for marketers because more than 500 million active users have been using this app worldwide. A recent record says that TikTok was downloaded more than 60 times from September 2019. 

TikTok is one of the social media freaks that launched its ad platform with the testing function, the users can make a video that visually attracts with music, effects, and filters that helped to enhance the products. The vision become true after many brands like Grubhub, Apple Music, and Nike started to use TikTok. 

How do TikTok differ from other platforms? TikTok’s efficiency is based upon the performance of the marketers who use this platform. This mainly focusses on advertising and marketing. Get to know more about the TikTok distinctions of this platform to receive more profit from your ads.

How to Advertise easily on TikTok:

The first and foremost factor you need to understand is TikTok advertising is not a tedious process. Same like any other advertising platform, TikTok follows the step by step process where it finds out, whom you are advertising to and what you are going to advertise? After which you can start to work on the platforms by which you can move further.

Know-how something about TikTok audience:

TikTok is perfectly accessible in 150 countries around the globe. Nearly 50% of TikTok’s global audiences are youngsters where they are less than 34 years of age. Around 60% of the TikTok audience is between 16 to 24 years of age. 

If the TikTok user is targeting their market based on the younger audience, then spending time and money on TikTok is not a wrong idea. However, TikTok is a really new app! Whether if your product is for the traditional audience? Then TikTok advertising might be really hurt your platform’s development. 

What are the different types of Advertisements:

TikTok offers several types of advertising techniques, say like brand takeovers, native video ads, hashtags challenges, and branded lenses. 

Are your product’s audience and TikTok’s audience falls under the same group? If so, you can easily collect the obvious choices that TikTok’s ads provide. 

     Brand Takeover: 

It is defined as the connecting to the brand’s landing page or hashtag challenges that look like images, GIF’s or videos. Brand Takeover is particular to their categories, thus only one brand can appear per day in a schedule. 

The success rate of Brand Takeover advertisement is estimated with the TikTok’s clicks, reach, and impressions. Achieve success for your brand by buying TikTok hearts for your videos that help to reach you globally among your audience.

     Native Video Ads:

The native video ad is defined as video advertisements ranging between the duration of 9 to 15 seconds. To deliver quality content, you need to spend some time on video editing software absolutely. 

Native video ads show as a combination of the user’s videos from the TikTok video feed, that can be rolled past or jumped. Certain advertisements work on several call-to-actions like clicks and app downloads.

This can be estimated by clicks, views, engagement, and impressions. 

     What is the Hashtag Challenge:

The clicks and views are used to connect in and of themselves for your business, they are used to engage with your audience. 

The sponsored hashtag challenge is the main objective of success. Hashtags are fresh ideas to work for a social media marketing approach, it helps to appeal a new set of audience by offering prizes such as hashtag contests.